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10 - Jan - 2021  Congratulations to Sarvesh Dasgupta from CSE branch for getting selected in Hexaware Technologies   :: 10 - Jan - 2021  Congratulations to Amrit Mohapatra from CSE branch for getting selected in Bhaskar   :: 09 - Jan - 2021  Congratulations to Suvendu sekhar sahoo from CSE branch for getting selected in TARGET INTEGRATION   :: 08 - Jan - 2021  Congratulations to U Nag Venkat Shiva and SATISH RANJAN ROUT from CSE for getting selected in VINOVE   :: 08 - Jan - 2021  Congratulations to Sannysamiran Nayak, Suvendu sekhar sahoo, & Jatindra Nath Mishra from cse branch for getting selected in TCS   :: 10 - Nov - 2020  Satish Ranjan Rout of CSE 2021 got selected in CISCO with package 15lpa   :: 25 - Apr - 2020  Kindly visit Ministry of Health & Family Welfare website https://www.mohfw.gov.in/ regarding Covid-19 information   :: 14 - Jan - 2020  NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS AND PRACTICES FOR INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT on 1st & 2nd May by CE Dept. at GCEK   :: 25 - Oct - 2019  Manobhav Joshi, Santoshi Kumari Chetri & Pritam Rani Nayak from CSE, Prakash Beck & Soumya Mondal from Mchanical and Subhra Dash from Civil got selected in Infosys drive 2019   :: 30 - Sep - 2019  Debiasha Patra, Sraban Kumar Patro & Diptosh Kumar sahoo from CSE got selected in TCS 2019 drive.   :: 03 - Sep - 2019  Rajashree Sahoo from CSE got selected in First American India Pvt. Ltd.   :: 02 - Sep - 2019  Ashutosh Pati & Sreeparna Das from EE and Tushar Setua from ME got selected in ALOK Industries Limited.   :: 02 - Jul - 2019  Odd Semester registration for 5th & 7th Semester starting from 03.07.2019 and 1st & 3rd Semester starting from 01.08.2019   :: 02 - Jul - 2019  Commencement of classes for 5th & 7th semester : 03.07.2019   :: 30 - May - 2019  Biswa Bhushan Sahoo from cse 2019 placed in BIJU's   :: 22 - Apr - 2019  One student from CSE 2019 placed in RAIKE SYSTEMS   :: 08 - Apr - 2019  One student from CSE 2019 placed in Mindtree   :: 01 - Apr - 2019  2 students from CSE 2019 placed in TCS   :: 25 - Mar - 2019  4 students from CSE, 1 from EE placed in Wipro 2019   :: 16 - Mar - 2019  India First Leadership Talk Series: Talk on Art of Decision Making on 19th March 2019 at 11:30am by Shri Ajit Doval   :: 11 - Mar - 2019  9 from CSE, 2 from Civil, 2 from EE, 2 from ME placed in Tech Mahindra in on campus drive 2019   :: 05 - Mar - 2019  2 studets from CSE and one from ME placed in Infosys   :: 01 - Mar - 2019  Abhisek Das from EE 2019 placed in CTS   :: 18 - Feb - 2019  On Campus Recruitment Drive of Tech Mahindra on 21st-22nd Feb. 2019   :: 11 - Feb - 2019  TEQIP-III Sponsored One Day Workshop on Internet of Things will be held on 13th February, 2019   :: 19 - Aug - 2018  The Orientation Programme for 1st year students will be held at 09.30 AM on 20.08.2018.Venue: Seminar Hall(Room No. 110)   :: 14 - Aug - 2018  TEQIP-III Sponsored Two Day Workshop on Technical Documentation Using LaTeX will be held on 24th &25th August-2018   :: 06 - Aug - 2018  VACANT SEAT SPOT ADMISSION FOR BTECH 1ST YEAR ,2ND YEAR LE ,1ST YEAR MTECH   :: 18 - Jul - 2018  TEQIP-III Sponsored Two Day Workshop on Industrial Approach of Software Testing will be held on 21st and 22nd July-2018   :: 08 - Feb - 2018  Bootcamp for Startup Yatra will be held on 12/02/18  

Departments » Computer Science & Engineering » Laboratory Facilities

The department has developed infrastructures including the following laboratories –
Programming Labs: This laboratory is well equipped with 60 Nos. of high end system and offers experiments over array of Programming Languages like C/C++ offered in 1st and 3rd Semesters of B.Tech course curriculum. As per industry requirements programming languages like Core Java and Advanced are offered in 3rd and 5th semesters.
Data Structure Lab: Use of appropriate data structures positively influences the efficiency of computer systems by enhancing the ability of the computer to store and retrieve data from any location in its memory. Naturally, top coders are masters of data structures. Extreme emphasis is laid on knowledge of data structures when it comes to recruiting a candidate. This consists of 60 Nos. of system.
Computer Graphics Lab: Computer graphics is a sub-field of computer science which studies methods for digitally synthesizing and manipulating visual content.
Data Communication and Networking Lab: This laboratory gives the practical approach towards Data Communication which is the active process of transporting data from one point to another. Networks are communication system designed to convey information from a point of origin to a point of destination and this lab is well equipped with 30 Nos. of system.
Computer Organization: This lab introduces the tools and their uses like computers, assemblers or assembler simulators, logic circuit simulators etc. This lab is well equipped with RAM Trainer Kit, ALU Trainer Kits , Computer and SMPS Kit , Hard Disk Controller Kits , Printers and Scanner Trainer Kits.
Database Lab: In this lab classes students are exposed to use visual representations within new interfaces to manage large volumes of data.
Software Engineering Lab: Students will learn to apply engineering principles to software development, including design methodologies, operation principles and maintenance and testing approaches.
Design and Analysis Lab: The course serves a core material in algorithms for graduate students in computer science to develop software in best practice approach.
System Programming Lab: The emphasis of the course is on drawing lessons from practical solutions to concrete problems. Our goal is to create simple, clear and general solutions to real problems.
Automata Lab: This Lab gives the practical idea about the application in topics related to theoretical computer science.
Operating System Lab: The laboratory exercises will include familiarization with UNIX system calls for process management and inter-process communication; Experiments on process scheduling and other operating system tasks through simulation/implementation. This is well equipped with 30 Nos. of system
The department has stated a coding society for organize technical coding competition and discussion in different programming languages for enhancement of in depth knowledge and development of skills.
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